Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nightstand View

Although I don't use this nightstand for its specified purpose, I'm still going to call it that. It's actually more of an "I have more clothing than a dresser and closet can hold, so I'm putting the overflow in this mini-dresser" nightstand. We picked it up at the Salt Mine Thrift Shop (Lincoln, CA) a while back, and it was a good addition to the bedroom. The lamp comes from the same place. Ed picked it up before I moved out here, as one of those apartment essentials. I love the threading detail on the shade.
I bought the owl from 2nd Ave in Lansdale, PA.

(The pine cone and seashells/stones are from nature.)

Happy Thrifting!

Quick Thrifting Stop

Last Thursday, we stopped at the Salt Mine Thrift Shop on our way back from a job interview I had. It was meant to be a quick stop, but we found quite a few things to bring home anyway!

1. An Amish themed decorative tile. I'm Pennsylvania Dutch, and love the folk art. I was also super excited to find this all the way out in California.
2. A silly gnome mirror. The label says Germany.
3. A framed owl decoration. I have a larger version of this already, so I had to get this little guy.
4. A nice classic bread box to keep some goodies in.

Happy Thrifting!