Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Antique Trove Sale

Last weekend, Ed and I busied ourselves with lots of thrifting adventures. It started out by just being a morning of estate sales - but after seeing signs for yard sales, stopping at the thrift store, and then seeing a huge red SALE sign at the Antique Trove - it turned into much more of an adventure. Add some Mexican food into the mix and fireworks at the end of the day, and you've got one amazing Saturday.

We didn't find much all day until we got to the Antique Trove. We were actually on our way home, but that sale sign caught my eye and we turned around.

We picked up a few treasures - all of which matched well for a little blog photoshoot. 

When Ed picked this one up to check the price, we double and triple checked it. It was the cheapest thing we ever found at the trove! Obviously he already liked it, so that sealed the deal. A great find!

1. We love globes/maps. 2. We love books. 3. We love secret hiding places. This couldn't be more perfect for us. It's in great condition, too!

I found the perfect addition to my brass animal collection!! These are just so cute. I found them right before we were about to check out and I'm so happy I spotted them. 

It usually ends up that you find the coolest stuff when you didn't plan on shopping in the first place!

Happy Thrifting!