Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Marysville Strip

This past Saturday my husband and I went on a semi spontaneous antiquing trip. I only say semi since that's a normal weekend occurrence for us, however it was in a town we've never checked out. Since there weren't any estate sales catching our eye, Ed suggested we look into what kind of shops Marysville has. We saw a couple on the map so we figured we'd check it out. 

We had no idea that the street was covered in antique shops!! After hitting our first stop, the Antique Mall, we noticed a pile of maps next to the business cards on the counter. Our day suddenly turned into an awesome adventure. And the best bonus of all: most of the shops were really decently priced...

...which made it hard for us to pass on some really great stuff!

We found this cute weather house on our first stop (the Antique Mall). I never saw anything like it before, which drew me to it even more. It reminds me of a cuckoo clock, but instead of keeping the time it measures the temperature and humidity. And of course, its German roots sealed the deal for me.

Who wouldn't get a good chuckle out of this poster? We found this at the Antique Mall as well, and it's a great addition to our place. It's already hanging up on the wall!

Ed and I have been on the hunt for a spoon rest for the kitchen. We've seen plenty, but none of them have really caught our eyes.. until this. Yes it's actually an ashtray, but how hilarious is this foot? Especially used in the kitchen?! I'm so excited to clean it up and put it to use. This also comes from the Antique Mall.

As we went into our second shop of the day, we were greeted by this sweetheart of a dog! It took us a while to even start looking at the items because she was just loving the attention (and we loved giving it).

Ed and I are both huge diner fans, which of course means we like all the little things that remind us of (good) diners. We snagged this little syrup dispenser at the second shop, called Times Passing Antiques. 

Before making our next stop, we decided to stop for some fuel. As we looked across the street, a huge sign caught my eye and the decision was made.

Brick Coffeehouse Cafe was delightful. Most cafes I've been to either have a really great coffee/tea selection and the food is lacking, or vice-versa. This place had a good selection of both, and let me tell you - what I did order was perfect. I loved it! I had (of course) the peach cobbler, warmed and with whipped cream, and blackberry sage tea. Ed had breakfast burritos, which likewise were good!

The outdoor seating was so cute. I want to go back again soon!

Back on track, the next place we stopped at was called Digs. I pined over this vintage chair that was sitting on the curb. It was more than I can spend at the moment, but I would love to have a chair like this in the future.

I did find this brass quail at Digs though. A great new addition to my brass animal collection! I love the detail in the feathers.

We didn't find anything at Sweet Pickin's, however we were greeted by this cute little pooch! I think all antique shops should have a shop pet.

One of the last shops we stopped in was called Old Town Treasures. It had a lot of great stuff in it, and I ended up getting a few things.

 I've seen sets like this before, but for some reason just seeing one by itself was much more appealing to me. I always like taking pieces of sets so I don't have way (way) too many things - and I didn't even have to break a set for this one, it was already by itself.

Even the back of the canister is cute!

I also found this cute trio of brass owls at Old Town Treasures. I couldn't resist!

Overall, we had a really great day! We're very happy we found a new spot to go shopping - somewhere that's got great prices, great antiques, and great food!

Happy Thrifting!