Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Shirts Shirts Shirts

I was near Salvation Army while running errands yesterday so I decided to stop in and check out the odds and ends. I wasn't even going to look at the shirts, but one caught my eye and the next thing I knew I had an armful of boys' and men's tees.

I hurried off to the fitting room to try them all on. I put a few back, but actually ended up keeping most of them. Pink tags were half off, which was perfect since the two shirts I was on the fence about ended up being half off. How could I say no?

A classic soccer shirt.

I'm extra excited about this "DYNO BASHER" one. It fits like a crop top so I can wear it with high waisted shorts/pants. (Plus look how awesome it is!)

The purple section usually only has about 6 shirts in it (and half of them are usually Relay for Life shirts), so whenever I find a good purple one I do a little happy dance.

Nice bold type, why not?

Very into this one. Such a good design!

Super cute - plus it glows!! (I checked)

The color on this photo got super distorted, but it's gold like the top photo. I actually didn't try this one on - I spotted it right after leaving the fitting room, but did not want to go back in there.

I don't even feel bad about this because these 7 shirts only cost $6.50. Pennsylvania really has the best selection and prices!! (After living in California for 2 years, this is refreshing to come back to.)

I also picked up 2 other items - those being the main reason I stopped in - but they're for a larger project I'm working on at the moment.

Happy Thrifting!

P.S. My apologies that these photos aren't up to par with the rest of my posts. I was very excited about this purchase and the camera I normally use is in California.

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