Sunday, October 20, 2013

Little Owls and Pressed Flowers

While deconstructing my wall, I decided to pair these 3 small ones together to show you.

Cute little owls in trees seem to be a theme here!

I hate to say that once again I don't remember where I got this. I'm thinking it was half-off day at the Roseville Hospice Thrift Store, but I can't quite be sure. I always love seeing pressed flowers/plants. I even started a collection of my own once (I still have it/actively press flowers), but I never follow through with doing anything to the ones I press! Maybe I will one day, but until then I will admire and purchase old ones.

These owls come from a community church yard sale a few years back. I just thought it was simple and cute - and well.. I like owls!

I got this in my high school yard-saling days. There are a loooot of things from those days that I look at now thinking "why did I buy that?" but I still think this tile is cute. I recently found out my friend Amber has a little decoration of the same exact thing, but in ceramic form! I just thought that was so neat. Same design and everything but in 3D.

Now you can see not everything I decorate with is brown - although I will admit, most of it is in my "wall" collection.

Happy Thrifting!

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