Tuesday, October 7, 2014

On the House

In January, Ed and I moved into our current apartment. As many of you may know, moving is a hassle, and everything kind of stays in boxes for a while since you just want to get back to normal life instead of unpacking forever. That's exactly how our move went anyway, and once we got all of our boxes into the apartment we decided to reward ourselves by making a stop at one of our favorite local antique stores. Yes, after complaining about all the stuff we have, we got more stuff.

After perusing a while, we each found one thing that we wanted. It was perfect - just a little something for each of us. When we went up to the register, we made conversation with the lady who owned the place. She knew that we were regular customers, and she felt bad that we were waiting outside while she picked her kid up from school (we didn't mind at all). When she rang each of us up, she ended up giving us the items on the house! She was so nice and it was such a cute surprise. Our gifts to ourselves ended up actually being gifts from her!

My pick was this brass frog - of course to add to my brass animal collection. His pose just makes me giggle!

Ed picked out this sailor because it reminds him of / looks like his dad.

We recently made the trip over to this antique store (Route 65 Trading Post), but were disappointed to find that it wasn't there anymore. We couldn't believe it! It was a great location, even though we don't live in that town anymore. I hopped online and searched for their website and found that they still exist, but they just moved to another town. Phew! We'll hopefully be stopping by soon.

Happy Thrifting!

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