Thursday, November 13, 2014

Three Pairs

Sometimes you really score at an estate sale.

This was one of those times.
Knowing how much these types of things normally cost at antique stores, I'm proud to say I got this bundle for $20.

I love this pair of bunnies! They're perfect for my collection.

I've all but given up on finding a good price on Pyrex dishes unless I'm at a yard sale. So when I spotted the price tag on these, I grabbed them before anybody else could! I'm definitely a fan of the handle for easy one-handed access out of the fridge. Fun fact: I have a tea cup with the same design!

The more exotic the animal the better - I want my collection to have variety. I haven't seen many brass elephants and I'm excited to possess this pair.

My arms were full and my face was smiling as I left this estate sale. I really couldn't believe I got all of this for such a great price - which proves, it's all in the hunt!

Happy Thrifting!

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