Friday, August 19, 2016

DC Big Flea

A while back, Ed and I found out there was going to be a big flea market coming to our area (DC Big Flea). There was an entrance fee, but since there aren't any regular flea markets around here we decided to go for it.

Surprisingly we didn't find a whole lot, but you really never know with this type of thing. Being in a more populated area, prices were higher and the goods weren't all in our taste - but that's fine!! We had fun perusing anyway.

Also worth noting: my idea of a flea market is a bunch of random people trying to have their own little yard sale on one table or area each. This one was more like an antique store with many vendors.

I found this awesome brass kangaroo - complete with joey! I'm always expanding my brass animal collection, and any time I find a unique one I get really excited. The price was right and she was mine!

I just thought this looked really cute - I love pressed flowers and things from nature. Usually that kind of stuff is expensive, but this one was on a clearance shelf so I was all over it.

After we got home I realized that these two decorations match really well, so they're now displayed together! I normally put my brass animals together, but I'm starting to put newer ones in their own locations instead. (Does this mean I have too many?)

Hopefully we'll find a decent flea market eventually, but this was fun to check out!

Happy Thrifting!

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