Monday, July 1, 2013

Recent Finds

Here are some items I recently picked up!

I found this magnet at Goodwill. We haven't been to Lassen yet, but it's on our to-do list! Since we found a souvenir for a better price at the thrift store, we figured why not get it now? It's a cool, cut-out-slab-of-wood magnet!

This glass also comes from Goodwill (same trip). I know I mentioned before how much I love sets of glasses - here's my first success in only buying one from the set (it helped that all of them were exactly the same - when they match but are slightly different, it's harder to pass up). Anyway, I love this owl!

This bandana is actually cut in half, but I don't really care. It was a good price (for half a bandana) and I love the color. I might wear it, or I might use it for decoration - haven't decided yet! (This comes from the Roseville Hospice Thrift Store.)

I just picked up a little something yesterday in Reno, but I already had this post ready to go, so you'll see that in the near future.

Happy Thrifting!