Monday, November 11, 2013


How is it that I've gone this long without even mentioning flannel?

I've always loved flannel shirts. Even when I was little. I love the fabric, the patterns, the coziness.
It's something I cannot get myself to buy at a regular store because they are so plentiful at the thrift stores and so much cheaper. And heck, I like the already worn-in feeling (as much as that may seem gross to a lot of people).

I picked up this one at the Whitehall Salvation Army last year. I actually don't think I've worn it yet, since I always automatically go to my usuals. I'll have to change that soon.

I got this one from Goodwill. It's definitely originally from Target - and it's a girl's! Most of my flannels are guys so they're boxier, but this one fits my girly shape really well.

This technically isn't a flannel, but it's a plaid button-down so I'm including it. I'm pretty sure I got this one from the Wilkes-Barre Salvation Army a few years back. I love the colors of it. According to my mom, it was made by the same union my grammy used to work for! (refer to second photo) How cool!

I will definitely have more flannel updates in the future!

Happy Thrifting!

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