Monday, December 2, 2013

Globe Mugs

The infamous globe mugs! I know a lot of people who have these - including my own mother and my best friend. I always use them when I'm at home, and would excitedly grab one out of the cabinet at my friend's house as well. They're just fun, and I love that they're clear.

That's probably why, when my mom saw a whole set of them at an estate auction, she bought them for me. So when I opened my gifts on my 18th birthday, I was delighted to find these (and I remember laughing a lot).

They're perfect for a smaller cup of coffee or tea; I also use them for small portions of ice cream (when I don't want to go overboard because mmmm ice cream)! I actually have never used that one with the little spout (for milk/cream), but I do keep sugar in that last one.

Do you have globe mugs? They seem to be pretty popular!

Happy Thrifting!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE glass mugs. These are so perfectly YOU, and they are awesome and functional!