Friday, August 2, 2013

My Wall

Now that I'm getting back into the swing of things, I'll give you a bit of an update. Over the past month, my fiancé and I (yes, fiancé!) have been moving everything from our apartment into storage, and subsequently going our separate ways. He is now deployed, and I'm back in Pennsylvania spending time with family and friends. While we were packing up our things, I did as many little photo shoots for this blog as I could, so I could continue updating over the next few months. I didn't expect to be abandoning it completely for the past month, but hey we've been busy!

So, no worries, I haven't given up! Be ready for more regular updates from me again :)

Now, let me introduce you to my wall.

There's actually one small empty space by the top right of the owl clock - what was there had fallen about two days before I took this photo. This is the work in progress that I'm positive I will always be looking to add new things to. As you can see, I've just added things as I found them. The theme is open to anything that matches, really. I just love the idea of covering a wall like this - and it only started with maybe about 4 little square decorations (and has grown into this!). Unfortunately since we moved, I took everything down from this wall. As soon as we get set up in our next place, you better believe I'll be starting all over again - most likely rearranging how I see fit (well how WE see fit, I am so indecisive I can never hang things alone).

Of course there are a few things hanging up here that you have seen before on the blog, and some things I haven't written about yet. You'll be seeing those in the near future!

Thank you to my loyal readers!! :)

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