Friday, May 10, 2013

Free Stuff

Our 4th address was our final stop on Saturday (the 5th ended up being an auction preview). The information I got online had said all our stops of the day were open 9-5, however when we showed up at this house, the sign outside said 9-3... it was about 3:15. The garage door was still open, and there were people milling about, so we decided to check it out anyway. We got to the garage, and a man told us they were about to close up, but if we saw anything in the garage we wanted, we could just take it for free. We had less than a minute to scan through what was displayed, and as we were told to leave we each grabbed something.

1. Ed's - The Sound of Music.
2. Ed's - Dr. Dolittle Soundtrack.
3. Mine - an old Polaroid. I have a small collection of old cameras - usually they aren't cheap, which is why the collection is small. I was excited to nab this one for free. (Soon enough they'll be on display, however they're all back in Pennsylvania. I was worried about them getting broken so I never packed them.)

Free stuff? A great end to the day.

Happy Thrifting!

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