Friday, May 31, 2013

Sutter Street

While making our plans for last weekend, we came across some reviews for Sutter Street in Folsom, CA. It was described as a cute old town, perfect for antiquing. Needless to say, we added that to the list.

We got there Saturday morning around 10:30, and it's good thing we didn't get there any earlier because nothing opened until 11am. After waiting, we sat down for some breakfast at the Black Rooster (delicious!) and then hit the antique shops. There was a building with 3 of them in a row and most of the vendors had sales going on. Turns out, the new owner of the building wants all antique shops gone (sad face), so the vendors are either moving to different places or quitting altogether. That was pretty disappointing, since we were excited to find this town, but we're going to try to stop in one more time before they've moved.

Here's what we picked up:

Ed's find. He loves bats. I actually said, "You love bats," when he picked it up. And a bat mounted on a plaque? Perfect.

Ed's find. A barometer/thermometer. The thermometer definitely doesn't work anymore, and there's a crack in the middle section but that just adds to the charm/what do we care? It still looks awesome.

My find. Another weather instrument. Okay so we really like these things (there are at least two others in the apartment, one here).

Happy Thrifting!

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