Sunday, June 2, 2013


Quite suddenly we started a collection of globes. We both admired them, and then ended up finding ones we liked for good prices all at once. Not that that's a bad thing - they've all found good spots in our apartment - it's just silly how quickly it happened!

This is the first time I've grouped them all together and let me tell you it is a beautiful sight (for me).

On our way to some estate sales one weekend, we came across a moving sale. Picked this baby up for two bucks. Looks like it was a kid's - there's a pencil line all the way around it (planning a trip perhaps?).

This one comes from an estate sale. Can't go wrong with the classic style.

We got this one from an antique store right in town - Route 65 Trading Post. The globe spins, as well as the entire thing, and it has a clock/thermometer/hygrometer on the bottom section. Very heavy and very cool (if you're into globes).

We found these bookends at the Antique Trove. And yes, they spin.

I was beyond excited when we found this globe lamp. I had been previously looking at them online and figured if I was ever going to get my hands one one, it'd have to be from ordering it. Little did I know, we'd find this beauty at the Antique Trove! It has the most perfect glow.

There you have it! And who knows, we'll most likely acquire some more globes in the future (I definitely want a large one on a stand).

Happy Thrifting!


  1. You're's a beautiful sight! Globes are such an excellent thing to collect. Love 'em!!